Which Size is the Correct One?

The slimming blue belt® comes in 5 matching sizes, for perfect wearing comfort!

Your size is determined, by measuring your stomach circumference at the level of your “belly button? with a tape measure.

If you measure your stomach circumference and you are on the border of choosing the higher size, you should order the smaller size, because the belt is better, if it feels tighter. The slimming blue belt® is flexible and adapts to your body.

Note: The sizes below do not correspond to normal clothing measurements.

*The statements in cm correspond to the circumference of the stomach at the height of the belly button.
Please also note that the size statement of XS to XL does not correspond to conventional clothing sizes.

Blue Belt® - Customer Comments

Their opinion counts!Nothing creates more confidence than the opinion of our valued customers, who have
already tested the slimming blue belt®.

Take a look at the customer comments of the slimming blue belt® and also leave your comments, every contribution is welcome!

Customer Comments - Read/Write

The Benefits of the Blue Belt®
Improves fat burn around the stomach area
Through the neoprene front of the slimming blue belt® your own body warmth reflects and your temperature rises locally up to
5°C (see the Infrared thermography to the right of this description). Through this process, local blood circulation is increased and the nutrients in the form of fat deposits are reduced.

Support of the Lumbar spinal column
As Jelena B states in her report: … the blue belt supports the moving and abdominal muscles; it does not prevent them functioning correctly…

Improvement of skin quality
By wearing the slimming blue belt® as in the above description, the blood circulation is encouraged and as a secondary consequence, it regenerates the skin to improve it's condition. This particularly applies after pregnancy.
Conception and Innovation
The original slimming blue belt® does not have a catch or a zipper for the following reasons, but is available in 5 matching sizes:

With a neoprene belt that uses a catch long-term comfort is reduced, also you lose invisibility under your clothes! The original slimming blue belt® however offers longer-term comfort for you combined with its properly matching and close fitting sizes.

With the slimming blue belt® there is no wear!
Velcro material can wear very rapidly, when repeatedly taking it on and off. This can lead to the fastening opening automatically! – A disadvantage with certain sports!

The original slimming blue belt® is invisible under your clothes!
With Velcro or a catch, these can be seen at the upper and lower sections and the belt becomes more visible. Not so with the slimming blue belt®.
Directions and Guide

When you purchase an original slimming blue belt® you will receive a set of UK instructions. Also included will be further information explaining the basis to which the belt was designed with the infrared thermographs clearly demonstrating how it works.

What useful information will I find in the guide provided?
• How to wear the slimming blue belt®
• The correct slimming blue belt® application
• How to obtain optimal results
• Duration of application
• Care of the slimming blue belt®
• And further important notes

Composition (materials)
60% Rubber
40% Nylon
Let everyone know what you think here

This product is genuinely super; I have already seen a result after only 10 days. During pregnancy I gained stretch marks and now they are starting to disappear and at 1st I didn’t believe it would happen so fast… the belt makes it easy, it is so comfortable to wear and a key for me is that you can wear it under your clothes and it is not visible… (There is always a price to beauty) this is cheap!

I also did not directly believe in it. I have two children the second is now six months old and my belly has grown. I have been wearing the belt for 3 weeks and can actually notice a difference; slowly I will have a flat belly again.

Thank you, Sara

I have had the Blue Belt for about one year and I have only been Jogging, I have lost an unbelievable 8-9cm in size. It is difficult to say whether without the belt it would have been the same result.
I can recommend the product, because it supports really well.
I will order myself the smaller size next time.

Hello! I have owned the blue belt for approx. 4 months wearing it nearly every day, doing the housework or garden work. But I am not really thrilled. My round belly is still there! So it has not really helped. The only advantage is when you have close fitting clothes it hides the belly. But if you take them off again your “love handles” are again exposed.

I have had it for approx. 14 days and can only further recommend it. It supports the back well with long sitting activity and reduces the hunger feeling.  

I have had the Blue Belt for nearly 1.5 years, it has however not been used, because I became pregnant at that time! My daughter is now 8 months old and 3 days ago I found my Blue Belt and have been properly using it. I've worn it for 3 days in the mornings under my clothes in the house. My stretch marks have reduced in this very short time and my skin even looks less pale.
It is a totally amazing result in such a short time!
At this rate I am hoping that my belly is reduced enough for me to order a smaller size!
Thank you and I can genuinely recommend the Blue Belt!!

Genuinely a super product and I would recommend it to everyone.
Have achieved great success; have been wearing it every day for 3 weeks and I’m super satisfied.




My baby is now 12 days old and you should see me, thanks to the great Blue belt invention, no more births, I have been wearing the belt since discharged from hospital!
Genuinely recommended…
love Heidi

Hello, I can say that I have genuinely been wearing the belt for about 3 weeks regularly and my belly is much smaller. I don’t do any sport; it has only been worn during housework. I’d like to thank you for this mad invention; I will continue to recommend the belt.
Regards, Elke

Many thanks to you for this mad article. I am totally enthusiastic. I wear it daily for 4-5 hours and have noticed an improvement already clearly.

I am very grateful


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W W W . S L I M M I N G B E L T . N E T

After years of relentless effort, but constant failed attempts......

"How Do You Finally Burn That,
Ugly, Unsightly Stomach Fat Away
Quickly And Easily?"

The answer is simple......

The patented and proven slimming belt......the Blue Belt®

PRICE: GBP 28.74

Where is it made?

This product comes from Germany, so is made with the usual efficiency and exceptional quality that we have come to expect from the Germans!

There have already been more than 85,209 satisfied customers using the slimming blue belt®. But up until now this has been a well kept secret and has only been sold in Germany! Now however, for the very first time, it is being offered worldwide and you have the opportunity to take advantage of the patented slimming blue belt® too!

PRICE: GBP 28.74

How does the blue belt® function?

Have you tried fitness training, numerous diets, jogging and simply nothing works? Has all your effort to remove the unwanted area around the abdomen so far failed? You can be saved from these negative experiences in the future! In order to get rid of the fat around the stomach region, you will require a little help. This area is one of the few places on our body, which hardly sweats. If this is warmed up by wearing the slimming blue belt®, fat and/or calories can be burned faster. For the problem areas of the bottom and thighs, we also have the Neoprene Pants to help.

PRICE: GBP 28.74

What differentiates the original and patented blue belt®?
• Your Stomach becomes flatter
• The extremely persistent fat deposits on the stomach can be specifically targeted
• Your skin quality is improved
• The slimming blue belt® is recommended by beauty Clinics
• Scientific evidence about the function of the slimming blue belt®

How and where is the slimming blue belt® used?

The slimming blue belt® can be used during almost any activity, starting with the most diverse kinds of sports to daily work and the housework. It is particularly effective after pregnancy, to aid gentle recovery of the strained stomach area.

PRICE: GBP 28.74

The Infrared Thermograph reveals the secret!

The Infrared Thermography study on the slimming blue belt® was carried out by the I.R.I.S. Institute of Netherlands Stotzingen, in the Rehabilitation spectrum performed in Memmingen.

[b. 1] The image on the left shows two subjects after 30 minutes training on a cycle machine, the left with a slimming blue belt® and the right without. Subsequently the temperature distribution was measured for both. The blue colouring on the abdomen of the person on the right shows that there is limited heating. The red colouring with the left person illustrates that there is clearly higher heat development than with the person on the right.

This can also be confirmed on the basis of the temperature thermograph, which indicates an increase from 30.2°C to 35.1°C. As a reaction against this the body tries to reduce the resulting heat by sweating. The water is transported outwards accelerating the metabolic process and more calories are consumed due to increased energy expenditure.

Also, 1 hour after training there is still increased heat under the slimming blue belt® [b. 2]. Metabolic activity is still very high, which leads to further calorie consumption. Without the slimming blue belt® the abdominal area cools down faster and the burn process is vastly reduced. [b. 3]: The desired rise in temperature under the neoprene section exclusively extends up to the lateral stomach portions (red dye). The back will feel supported by the warm and breathable material which is specifically designed to reduce sweating to this area. (See b.2 blue dye).

The enhanced and prolonged heat leads to higher calorific consumption and attacks the fat deposits in the abdominal zones. The breathable material warms and protects the back. Your lumbar region is stabilized through the support function of the slimming blue belt®.

PRICE: GBP 28.74

The abdominal area is developed through the specially designed and patented slimming blue belt® stimulating the burning of fat. Through increased sweating, the body tries to compensate for this temperature increase. This perspiration is the result of the increased metabolic activity, which causes a higher nutrient turnover. The energy and/or calorie consumption increases.
The real key to this process is that the fatty acids used for this warming effect, more precisely, stored fat deposits are broken down into free fatty acids and Glyzerol. These free fatty acids are then used for heat generation or burned as fuel.

The abdomen becomes flatter

Your skin quality improves

PRICE: GBP 28.74

In particular, experts refer to the special, patented function and structure of the back portion of the slimming blue belt®! This consists of a breathable material, which has two functions 1. Comfortable heat is generated around the back area 2. The prevention of any irritating wetness forming. Only the original slimming blue belt® offers this binary functionality of back protection and fat burn.

Test the versatility of this belt. Through the optimal adaptability, a belt clasp is not necessary. The slimming blue belt® is so comfortable that you can always wear it. Not only when jogging, the gym, mountain biking or snowboarding, but also during the day in the home, at work and in your spare time. The applications for the slimming blue belt® are endless!

Ideal for women after pregnancy

The slimming blue belt® is recommended by beauty clinics

PRICE: GBP 28.74

Siegfried wolf
A coach: Vice-president Karate federation: German Federal Armed Forces registered association.

… The goal was the integration of the blue belt into daily use during leisure time and also in power sports… … we also placed special importance on the back supporting function … … Works well and recommended!

Hartmut Krattenmacher
VIVA sport and health center

….the circumference of the abdomen reduces significantly after use of the belt… … the belt is a clearly noticeable support for backs…

Günter Mohr
Karate coach of the German National Team

… the belt is worn comfortably and reduces any skin irritation by the warming effect of the belt, this increases the mobility in the lower back.

Reinhard New
Nature welfare practices:: Forerunner of the thorn method for spinal column treatment

… the experiences in my practice are of a positive nature throughout… … it is noticeable that the “love handles? disappear within both sexes… … thereby increases their well-being and welfare.

Jelena Bacanovic
Physiotherapist and mother

… the blue belt allows movement and supports the abdominal muscles. It does not prevent them functioning correctly… … I was 32 kg during my pregnancy … … I can’t do without my blue belt now to help reproduce my dream figure again that I had pre-pregnancy…

Wolfgang Klotz: Adrienne block:
Bodybuilding world champion '05:: Aerobic trainer

Wolfgang Klotz Writes...
… after the first training sessions, I saw a few promising results… … by the intensified thermal genesis within the area covered by the belt also, I could see my body fat was disappearing…
Adrienne Klotz Writes...
… I wore it at home, during power training and endurance training… … the Blue Belt convinced me of its fat reducing and supporting functions…

Sizing and care of the blue belt®

The original slimming blue belt® offers you the best possible comfort during the fat burning process and the breathable back material protects and stabilizes you spinal lumber area. For optimal results, wear during physical activity.

The slimming blue belt® should be pulled up over the legs up to the abdominal area, so that the blue part appears on the front and the seams sit on your sides.

Only the original slimming blue belt® is available in individual sizes:
XS (stomach circumferance 60cm) to XL (stomach circumferance 150cm).

We advise hand washing the slimming blue belt® at a temperature of 30°C, with mild detergent (please turn the belt inside out before washing). Do not dry the belt in direct heat (eg on a radiator, or in direct sunlight) and do not use in the tumble drier!

N.B Product liability does not cover cases of inapropriate use.

PRICE: GBP 28.74

How much does it cost?

The slimming blue belt® price is only £28.74 and comes with an English instruction leaflet with all the information that you will need to get the most benefit out of this product.

Your purchase is totally risk free as we offer a full 14 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Shipping costs are dependant on the destination.We have a detailed chart on all costs on the Product Order page and the Shipping link at the top of this website.

PRICE: GBP 28.74

The Benefits!

Intensive and continuous heat generation leads to the increased loss of calories and challenges fat deposits on your problematic abdominal area. The breathable fabric protects the back area. Your lumber spine will be stabilized by the physiologically, correct, passive support function of the slimming blue belt®.

Experience the practicality of this versatile belt. It's so comfortable that you will want to wear it everywhere and all the time!

So if you are really serious about finally doing something about that embarrassing spare tyre and want to feel slim, healthy and full of life again, then don't delay any further and click here to order your slimming Blue Belt® and get your FREE BONUS too!

Good luck and we hope you enjoy every minute of your new look body!

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